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You’ve got your medical practice website up, you’ve even spent some money on SEO (search engine optimization), you were happy to see your site show up in a Google search on page 1 or even page 2 …  and suddenly your medical practice website is nowhere to be seen!

What happened?

In March 2011, Google altered its algorithm for search results (a guy named Panda who works at Google came up with this concept, hence the name).

I urge you to watch this video, especially if you’re considering building a website for your medical practice or physician business or upgrading your current website, in order to avoid making some fundamental mistakes.

It’s also important, when hiring a website designer and/or webmaster that you sign up somebody who has some knowledge about this topic. This video should help you speak some updated SEO language with the person who’s going to do this work for you. And if they’re clueless … this might be your hint to look for someone who’s more up-to-date!


 To summarize some of the key points from this video that you need to consider when designing or upgrading your medical practice website:

  • you need to give a great deal of thought to designing the experience you want your visitor to have. How do you want them to navigate your site? How can you attract their attention and get them to stay longer on your site? How can you invite them to take action right away?
  • if you have pages on your medical practice website that appear to be of low quality, get them taken down. Remember, the video makes the point that these pages can drag down your otherwise excellent website in the rankings
  • focus on developing content that makes everyone who sees it want to share it, and make it easy for them to do so with “Share this” or tweet or Facebook “Like” buttons
  • study your Google analytics and the how long visitors are staying on your site. Which pages capture their attention longest? Are they actually browsing by clicking through to one or more other pages, or they simply lending on your page and bouncing off right away? Where are they coming from? Are there multiple referrers or do they just come from one or two sites?
If you’d like to read the full transcription from the video, to remind yourself of the new elements that need your attention, you can read this post “How Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever” at SEOMoz (thanks to them for this great tutorial!)

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secrets to help your website generate revenuesSome time ago, I launched my Physicians Website Secrets Program. Some of you took a brief look at it (or maybe even spent a moment or two thinking about it), but for many of you, either it didn’t register at the time, or you had no need for it.

As with anything on the Internet, there is a learning curve and a certain amount of experimentation to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

I discovered that asking you to fork over $5.00 for a CD containing secrets to creating an effective medical practice or physician business website wasn’t worth it to many of you. It meant you had to go to your wallet, haul out your credit card, and fill in all those  fields, all for a lousy $5 payment. I suspect it wasn’t the cost as much as the EFFORT involved in exchange for something that you didn’t know yet might (or might not) be worth your time.

Because I was asking you to trust me with your credit card information BEFORE you’d had an opportunity to evaluate what the program could do for you, the program didn’t do as well as I hoped it would.


This time round, I want to do something different. I still want to share my Number One Secret about websites with you, because I passionately believe in this, and I really want you to avoid the errors made by so many early physician entrepreneurs or even seasoned medical practice owners (and that I made when I was getting going with my physician coaching business). So I AM asking you to enter your name and e-mail address, just this once, to get access to that secret.

But once you’ve gotten my Number One Secret (you may find this one surprising, as it’s not what most of you DO!!), you’ll hopefully discover that I’ve made you more valuable offer. One that will not cost you a penny, and that will give you the chance to test drive the Physicians Website Secrets Program by accessing the first Module in its entirety!

And I’m adding some bonuses, so that even if you decide that this program isn’t for you, you’ll walk away with some really solid information to help you prop up an ailing website, or start afresh with one that’s truly healthy and vibrant :-)

If you’re curious, if the time feels right, go to Physicians Website Secrets, enter your name and e-mail, and you’ll be given immediate access to the link that will permit you to sample this treasure trove of insights and learning I’ve distilled down into the Physicians Website Secrets Program.

I look forward to being as helpful as I possibly can – I really want you to enjoy some of the “Internet success” that I have in my business!Enhanced by Zemanta

So the program didn’t do as well as I hoped it would


targeted marketing for medical practicesDuring the planning stage of your copywriting for your medical practice website or your physician business website, you need to understand exactly what it is you hope your website to accomplish.

  • Do you want the visitor to contact you to learn about becoming a patient, or a client?
  • Do you want to sell something?
  • Or invite your visitors to become members of something?
  • Or download something of value to them so that they begin to perceive your medical practice or physician business as their solution?

Perhaps you have already determined that you need to build a subscriber base, circulate information, increase practice revenues by growing your numbers of patients.  But in order to accomplish these differing (and not mutually exclusive!) goals, you must make sure that your web copy will support your efforts.

1. Decide who your ideal customers are and what they really want.  Then find and craft the words that will most effectively bring these people to your site.  Include your best keywords and keyword phrases.

2. Create a plan. Without a detailed plan, it will become impossible to know whom you are targeting.  Without a target, you are likely to miss out on those people who are willing and eager to pay for your help and expertise.

3. Realize that your target audience is typically smarter and more knowledgeable than the average visitor to a website. Now that you have started planning, you need to start looking at whom to target.

Targeting is used to figure out what group of customers will have the problems that can be solved by using your particular service or product.  It is therefore vital that you become an expert in not only your target market, but also in knowing every single benefit that your service or product offers.

Once you determine whom you need to target, you can begin to search them out.  Build a profile of those people who will benefit from your help the most.  Once you know who they are and what problems they want solved or desires they need satisfied, then address your writing directly to them, using the most magnetic of the benefits your service or product can offer as “bait”. To discover what these Benefits are, ask your current happy patients or clients. They’ll tell you!

What do you value most/love best about our medical practice?
What made you choose me/us as your XYZ person?
What keeps you coming back?

At last, you have found your target audience, and now you must develop a strategy for writing your copy.  In order to do this, the best way is to do the following:

1.    Write about what the customer wants to hear – answer their – use  WIIFM question (What’s In It For Me?).
2.    Create the tone that is inviting to those you’re targeting, using their language.
3.    Present your idea(s) simply and concisely.

Get writing!

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